"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

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"So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another."  -Romans 12:5


What does TRACCHS stand for?

TRACCHS stands for “TRain Up A Child Christian Home Schoolers” and comes from the scripture “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” -  (Proverbs 22:6)  It is our goal to create a cooperative, integrative and fun environment where families can be supported in the academic, social and spiritual development of their children.  TRACCHS’ classes and enrichment experiences emphasize personal development, group interaction, team-building and leadership opportunities for all grade levels (K-12).

Can I “drop-off” my children or attend a partial day?

TRACCHS is a full-day bi-monthly experience.  Children and parents must attend for a full-day.  Since our required meetings are only twice a month children are expected to be in attendance for the full day unless illness or family circumstances prevent them from attending.  To implement the program and to supervise and ensure the safety of our children, parents are necessary to be in attendance for the full day.  Many hands make light work! 

What about family vacations and “non-illness” absences?

Out of respect for the importance of family time, TRACCHS classes are never scheduled before a major holiday.  It is preferred that families schedule outings and vacations during weeks that we don’t have regular classes.  However, we know that it is not always possible.  As a courtesy, we ask that you give the Board adequate notice, if possible, so that we may make the necessary adjustments and scheduling changes in advance.   Teachers are expected to leave work for their students in the event of their absence.

What are optional days?

Optional days are an enrichment feature of TRACCHS.  These days are optional and at the discretion of the homeschooling parent.  Admittedly, for older children, there may be some peer pressure in operation when it comes to “optional” days.  The children bond over the course of the year and seem to really enjoy learning, working together and socializing with one another.  Optional days provide an opportunity for them to meet their socialization needs in a fun and productive manner.  In the past, among other things, students have had choir rehearsals, sewing classes, prepared for events, participated in field trips and worked on class projects.  These days allow us to bond, learn new skills, fellowship and create memories.

Is homework required?

Homework is at the sole discretion of the teacher.  We have been blessed to have mom/teachers and others who have poured their hearts and souls into the education of our children!  To accomplish their academic objectives, some teachers do require homework.  All teachers are very forthcoming with their expectations.  For those classes that are academically rigorous, we make every effort to schedule an alternate class for those who choose not to make such a commitment.  This generally is not an issue for those students who are K-5th grade.

Do I have to purchase textbooks?

Choice of textbooks and the requirement to purchase a text varies from class to class.  You will be informed if a text book is required by your child’s teacher.  Unless otherwise noted, books are the responsibility of the family of the enrolled child.  Please make every effort to have all necessary supplies and books available to your child for the first day of class.

Are there any fees?

For the upcoming year we raised the base tuition for our co-op.  However, for many it will actually be a decrease in cost.  This is particularly true for those with multiple children.  Previously, we had monthly fees for classes like art and cooking.  For the upcoming year, most fees are included in the cost.  Tuition is $350 per-family for the year.  There is also a $25 Registration Fee.

Can I pay tuition in installments?

While convenient for individual families, paying in monthly installments creates a lot of work for the individual responsible for maintaining our books.  Homeschooling can be stressful and time-consuming.  The Board determined that to add an unnecessary burden to an already full schedule was unfair.  It was also difficult to pay our monthly bills if payments were overlooked.  However, to accommodate our families, it was decided that payment in two installments would be permitted.  (See due dates on application.)


What is TRACCHS’ refund policy?

There are many advantages to a cooperative environment.  Pooling resources allows us to do many things that would be cost-prohibitive as individuals.  As a co-op we need to plan for expenses that will be incurred as a group.  When families quit prematurely it hurts us as a group.  Our income changes, but our financial commitments remain the same.  To prevent the potential devastation that might result from a reduction of expected income, the Board has made the difficult decision to not issue refunds of any funds paid after the first day of classes.  (In the event of a catastrophic familial situation, this may be considered.)

How does TRACCHS fit into my own homeschool environment?

This varies from family to family.  Some use TRACCHS as a supplement to their current curriculum.  This works well for younger students because their classes are less intense.  However, for older children, it tends to be less stressful for both parent and child if the TRACCHS class becomes the subject course requirement for the year.  (e.g. science, writing, younger history class, foreign language, etc.)  Expectations for these classes may create a burden if you attempt to “double-up”.  However, as always, the choice to do so remains yours.

What is expected from me/my family?

From young to adult, everyone “pitches in” at TRACCHS!  We consider our ministry a “family” where everyone does his/her part to make our homeschool-away-from-home a happy and well-run one.  From set-up to clean-up, everyone is assigned chores to do throughout the day.  It builds character in our children and we manage to have fun working together.  Please review the list of classes for which we still need teachers.  If there’s one that fits your skills, please consider volunteering to teach.   Also, check out the list of other leadership roles for which we still need a willing volunteer.  Pray about how you can best contribute to our co-op.  


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